Success Story – Barron Family

Barry Barron and his two siblings, shown from right to left, are elderly individuals living in Little Neck, New York. The Barron family originally owned a large piece of property, but during over one hundred years of ownership most of the property was sold off, and the current home and a small plot of land were all that remained. . Some years ago, due to various circumstances, the Barrons lost the home, which had no heating, cooking or septic systems, and whose lot had fallen into disrepair.

AAFE Community Development Fund completed significant rehabilitation of the Barron’s house and property, including installing oil heating, electric cooking and septic systems.

AAFE CDF recently helped the Barrons become homeowners again, assisting them in purchasing the house with the support of a $25,000 grant from DHCR and a reverse mortgages from HUD which guarantees that they will have no monthly payment other than property taxes.

During the Barron’s homebuying process, AAFE CDF worked to educate them on how to maintain the house and care for the property. Community Homes will monitor the Barron’s progress as homeowners on an on-going basis and provide any support they may need to ensure that they are able to maintain a safe and affordable home.