Asian Americans for Equality
Asian Americans for Equality, Inc. (AAFE) is the parent organization of AAFE Community Development Fund and an organization with over 37 years of history advancing the rights of and advocating for New York City’s Asian and immigrant populations.

From its early days as a grassroots movement in New York Chinatown, when a handful of New York City residents came together to speak out for the rights of Asian American and immigrant workers, AAFE has spent the last three decades actively helping people to realize their dreams.

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AAFE Community Homes Housing Development Fund Company

Community Homes Housing Development Fund Company, Inc. (Community Homes) is an affiliate of AAFE Community Development Fund that seeks to promote homeownership opportunities to New York City’s low- to moderate-income first-time homebuyers. Community Homes’ website also offers access to both affordable houses and apartment rentals for New York City’s working families.

Their listing of houses and affordable apartment rentals consist of contributions from AAFE CDF, New York State government, and other non-profit organizations. We specialize in matching our available homes to prospective first-time homebuyers, and income eligible families. Through such efforts, we seek to better serve the new immigrant and non-English speaking populations of New York City.

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Renaissance Economic Development Corporation
Since 1997, AAFE’s affiliate, Renaissance Economic Development Corporation (REDC), has been providing direct financing and technical assistance services for small businesses throughout New York City. REDC focuses on low-income, immigrant neighborhoods where the barriers of language, culture and conventional loan underwriting have stymied the growth of small businesses. Underpinning all of REDC’s lending activity is a commitment to increase business opportunities for low-income, minority, women, and immigrant entrepreneurs.


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Downtown Manhattan Community Development Corporation
Downtown Manhattan Community Development Corporation (DMCDC) was founded in 1994 to provide affordable housing planning and implementation for downtown Manhattan. With a Board comprised primarily of local residents and business owners, DMCDC promotes and protect the housing rights of low-income families through advocacy for and access to housing resources, such as affordable housing and government subsidies. DMCDC links with local social service programs, home ownership, small business and other initiatives, while targeting planning and real estate development in the Lower East Side and Chinatown to revitalize of these important neighborhoods.