Weekly ongoing counseling provided

AAFE Community Development Fund provides ongoing counseling weekly from Monday to Friday in Flushing, Queens and Manhattan Chinatown. Expected attendance has included over 400 participants targeting English, Chinese, Korean speakers, South Asians and the general public.


Resiliency Loan Seminar coming July 2014

This July 2014, AAFE invites you to attend Home Improvement & Sandy Loans: Resiliency Loan Seminar located in Flushing, Queens. The seminar will assist NYC homeowners repair their homes due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. Homeowners and potential homebuyers are strongly encouraged to attend and ask questions. Open to the public. Further details to be

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2014 Reduced-Fare Metrocard Applications Available

2014 Reduced-Fare Metrocard Applications will be available to those who are eligible— senior citizens aged 65+ and people with disabilities in obtaining their half-fare Metrocards at 111 Norfolk Street in Manhattan.

If you are 65 years of age or older, an MTA specialist will be at AAFECare Center for Seniors to help you apply for

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Superstorm Sandy, One Year Later

One year ago thousands of New Yorkers were hit by Hurricane Sandy. Some have recovered and life has returned to normal, while others are still affected by the disaster, including one AAFE client.

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